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Industrial grade brushless servo intelligent electric screwdriver

Integrate the whole value chain resources, digital operation management
Inject production assembly tightening vitality

Construct Intelligence Tightening System and builds core competitiveness

Automatic and efficient production execution, intelligent obstacle avoidance and prevention

Visual tightening process, data monitoring quality can be traced

Flexible custom operation, high efficiency and cost-effective

Intelligent tightening mode
Precise execution, under control

The tightening is optimized into four stages: starting (in-tooth), screw-in, initial tightening, and final tightening.

In this way, the overall operation efficiency can be improved. In the whole tightening process, important factors such as real-time rotation Angle, real-time torque, final tightening torque and tightening Angle are all under control and monitoring, and the tightening operation can be stopped in time, or even trouble-free tightening can be realized in case of faults such as sliding wire, floating lock and slant drive.

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Big data ecosystem

Multi-dimensional tightening assembly analysis, to create a new engine for profit growth

Main functions of data acquisition system

Store detailed tightening data and results

The data form a visual graph

Real-time curve analysis, early warning indication

Statistical tightening results qualified rate

Support USB download tightening results and curves

Support for Ethernet configuration

Remote management

It can be integrated with all systems through any communication port, access to production management system and Ethernet, break the geographical limit, and realize remote monitoring and tightening process.

Flexible scheduling

According to different tightening requirements, various tightening data can be set at the same time to minimize assembly time. Different tightening modes can shorten cycle time and ensure high quality. To create a unique job order for products, to achieve barrier-free assembly.

Optimizing production

To store important tightening data and generate curve table for in-depth analysis of the tightening process. To obtain accurate and reliable information, more intuitively reflect the potential problems in the production process, and make corresponding adjustments to make the tightening process smoother and more efficient.

Quality traceability

Bar code scanner is connected with the controller to ensure data traceability and prevent operators from tightening errors, which can be connected with the production management system barrier-free and comprehensively monitor the production process.

Supporting intelligent hardware

Intelligent brushless servo electric screwdriver

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Intelligent brushless servo electric screwdriver controller

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