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Industrial Brushless Servo Intelligent Electric Screwdriver

Product characteristics


Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Intelligent Brushless Servo Electric Screwdriver Controller

Technical Parameters



PF50 series controllers completely control the whole tightening process, greatly improve product quality and optimize the tightening process, which can automatically identify the tightening faults such as floating lock, sliding teeth, poor torque, poor angle, etc. The data of the whole tightening process is stored and generated into a curve table to provide important information related to the tightening process to improve the assembly process.

Through the integration of any communication port with all systems, access to production management system and Ethernet breaks the geographical constraints and realizes the tightening process of remote monitoring. Connecting bar code tracer with controller ensures data traceability and prevents possible errors from tightening by operators. Bar code tracer can be accessible to production management system and monitor production process comprehensively.

According to different tightening requirements, multiple tightening data can be set at the same time to minimize assembly time. Different tightening modes can shorten the cycle time and ensure high quality. Create unique operation sequence for products and realize barrier-free assembly.

Main Functions of Controller

Controller main function

Expanding Linker

Expand linker

When tightening requires a variety of auxiliary configurations, in order to make it easier for users to use, we extend the connector to improve the flexibility of the connection. Adding multiple groups of connection ports to optimize the operation process.

The power adapter

Power Adapter