About Sudong - sudong
About Sudong

21 years focus on fastening research and development of manufacturing

Industrial tightening technology service provider

Company Overview

LOGO interpretation

Brand culture

Strategic goals

Strategic goals

The company will make use of talents and technological advantages to develop new and high technologies
Industry; Actively participate in the same industry competition at home and abroad, build domestic
It is an influential high-tech enterprise in the field of electronic products.


Company tenet

Take talents as the fundamental, take innovation as the soul,
Market-oriented, customer-oriented,
To foster and establish high-tech industries of electronic products,
Provide high performance products that create new value for a wide range of industrial users

Core values

Core values

Continuous innovation -- advocating continuous innovation as the driving force of the company's development.
Quality work -- advocate the pursuit of excellence, and sublimate personal value in the process of high-quality and efficient work.
Full service -- advocate for gaining trust and support through customers' full service to colleagues.
Common development -- advocate all employees to work together and share the fruits and opportunities brought by the development of the company.
Quality policy - quality is fundamental, credibility is life, endless innovation.

Sudong vision

Sudong vision

SUDONG deeply rooted in China, looking to the world,
Every heart and effort comes from the beautiful vision:
Do world class tightening tools, do world recognized products.

Company qualification

Development layout

SUDONG focus on their own field of fastening and industrial processing industry for 21 years, attach importance to technological innovation, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, product precision and durable, SUDONG will be at home in south China, north China, east China, southeast, northwest, and many other cities set up sales and service, steady service for broad consumer protection.

SUDONG knows that only when every small part is accurately closed can the precise operation be guaranteed. From advanced design concept to precise manufacturing technology and strict factory inspection, the whole process of SUDONG is rigorous to ensure that every user of SUDONG is comfortable.