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Smart industry tightens the "changer" quick-moving SUDONG, which will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Automation Exhibition

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From March 10th to 12th, 2019 SIAF Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held again in the Guangzhou Canton Fair. As a world-renowned series of SPS IPC Drives electrical automation exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, SIAF Guangzhou Automation Exhibition has deepened the South China and connected the world. It has developed into a large-scale industrial automation industry event in South China, covering many key areas of the industry, not only products. The procurement platform is an industry exchange feast that integrates international vision and expresses innovative thinking.

As the leading industrial intelligent tightening supplier in China, Dongguan Quick Motion Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the event, and will participate in this event together with outstanding enterprises from home and abroad (Booth No.: A04, Hall 3.1). At that time, SUDONG will bring its high-tech smart products such as its brushless servo series and brushless clutch-type twisting series.


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At present, the domestic electronics manufacturing industry is entering an era of rapid development of innovation and emerging industries, and a new round of scientific and technological revolution is intensifying. As a key carrier of electronics manufacturing companies, electric screwdrivers have undergone a new round of intelligent upgrades, and their role in industrial manufacturing is becoming more and more important. The leading industrial intelligent tightening supplier SUDONG "mastering the core technology, the strength of the R & D team to pursue innovation and breakthrough, product deep customization development capabilities" three advantages, the introduction of electric screwdrivers by the industry praise. At that time, Sudong will be exhibiting at the A04 booth in Hall 3.1 of Guangzhou Zhangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center to showcase the company's advanced technology and excellent products.

Smart cutting products at the cutting edge, leading the industry to a new direction

It is reported that Dongguan Quick Action Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (, 4008-338-598) is a company dedicated to the development and production of carbonless electric screwdrivers, torque testers and peripheral accessories. Sales of professional high-tech enterprises. At this exhibition, SUDONG will carry its brushless servo series products and brushless clutch type twisting series products. It is understood that the brushless servo series intelligent electric screwdriver supports multiple sets of different torque free changes. The whole process is tightened in real time through RS-232/USB/network port. The intelligent control is realized through communication protocol or IO port. The controller setting is extremely simple. The main interface parameters are intuitive and easy to see and other functions.

Another series of products exhibited by SUDONG is also intelligent and practical. The brushless clutch type twisting series products have built-in contactless switches, no need to replace consumables, and long service life. It integrates new intelligent counting and integrates the effective control rate. The brushless motor has stable torque output, simple operation and long use of the screwdriver; infrared intelligent fixture and LED indicator light allow the user to intuitively determine the locking of the screw, providing an excellent industrial grade tightening tool for the electronics industry. .

Quick-acting tightening technology, the precision lies in the moment

Throughout the current situation of the domestic power tool industry, SUDONG has been developing steadily for nearly 10 years. The products are leading the domestic fastening industry with precision and durability, and constantly innovating the concept to create higher market value and benefits for our customers. It attaches great importance to technological innovation and has a number of independent intellectual property rights. It will set up sales and service organizations in cities such as South China, North China, East China, Southeast China and Northwest China to provide consumers with continuous and stable service guarantee.

 SUDONG knows that only every small part can be precisely bitten to ensure the smooth running of the wire. From advanced design concept to precise manufacturing process and strict factory inspection, the whole process is rigorous, ensuring the use of each quick-moving SUDONG. The person is handy.

With its superb technology, excellent service and competitive price, SUDONG provides comprehensive, professional and humanized services for the electronics industry and industry. The curtain of the electronics industry event is about to open. SudongG is loaded with industrial-grade intelligent tightening solutions to meet with you at the booth A04 of Hall 3.1 of Guangzhou Cangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, sharing industry development results with on-site merchants and activating industrial vitality.