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What are the usage methods and precautions for servo electric screwdrivers?

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How to use the servo electric screwdriver? What are the precautions including servo electric screwdrivers? Many people have such questions. We all know that electric screwdrivers are one of the most commonly used power tools and have been widely used in the factory assembly industry. It is used to tighten and loosen the screws. Its working principle is to drive the motor to rotate by electromagnetic induction. The speed and torque of the electric screwdriver are controlled by adjusting the gear ratio. Today, I will explain to you how to use the servo electric screwdriver and precautions.

First, how to use the servo electric screwdriver.

1. The electric screwdriver should be lifted normally with a balancer to prevent it from falling off or being damaged by impact;

2. When tightening the screw, cut the forward and reverse switch to the "FOR" position. If the screw is set to the reverse tooth, cut the positive and negative switch to the "REV" position. Then press the screw to press the start lever, and the electric screwdriver rotates the lock screw. After the set torque is reached, the clutch automatically trips, the motor will brake off, the electric batch stops running, and the lock is completed.

3. If you want to loosen or remove the screw, cut the positive and negative switch of the electric screwdriver to the “REV” position. If the screw is the reverse tooth design, cut the forward and reverse switch to the “FOR” position. The operation flow is as above. Process, after loosening or removing the screw, release the starting lever;

4. If you want to replace the electric batch bit, first disconnect the power supply, then pull the cutter head lock sleeve outward, then you can remove the cutter head and install the cutter head, and release the lock sleeve to fix the cutter head;

5. The torque output of the electric screwdriver can be adjusted by the torque adjustment sleeve at the lower end. The scale on the fuselage does not represent the actual output value. You can refer to the torque map or use the torque tester to achieve accurate output of the torque.

Second, the use of electric screwdriver:

1. Do not use it in a flammable or explosive environment. Although the multi-purpose electric screwdriver uses brushless drive technology, it will not cause electric spark, but it should also be avoided in this special occasion to avoid accidents;

2, the socket used must have a reliable grounding, the machine uses a ground wire to ensure a safe structure. If the ground wire is not connected, it may cause electric shock and damage to the unit.

3. Before use, ensure that the switch is in the closed state. The power plug should be used. The working voltage and current should meet the working range of the electric batch to avoid damage to the equipment.

4, do not abuse the power tools, can not use the electric screwdriver as a stator, can not be used for small electric work dry overload, should choose the appropriate electric screwdriver according to the size of the torque;

5. Do not block foreign objects from the heat dissipation holes on the outer casing of the electric screwdriver. Do not expose the internal circuit to high temperature, humidity or metal dust. If the screw metal falls into the interior, the internal circuit may be damaged.

6. The use of long-term high frequency may cause the motor to heat up and the temperature of the whole machine is too high. At this time, it should be stopped immediately, and then continue to use after cooling to a suitable temperature;

7. Regularly repair and repair the electric screwdriver. If there is a malfunction, never open the repair or modification by yourself. Otherwise, the warranty service item of the after-sales service will be lost. You should contact the multi-dimensional after-sales service department for maintenance.


The above methods and precautions about the servo electric screwdriver are shared here. The working quality and service life of the electric screwdriver are directly related to our daily use, operating habits and maintenance. Therefore, in the course of use, the operation instructions should be strictly followed, and maintenance work should be done at the same time. Of course, in addition to maintenance and maintenance, the selection of high-quality electric screwdrivers is one of the important factors to ensure the quality of work and improve the life of equipment.